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Bendix/King VHF NAV/COMM Transceiver

When you're looking for a low- cost, light-weight alternative for navigation and communication, look no farther than Bendix/King's new KX 125.

The KX 125 brings NAV, COMM, Audio and CDI capability to your panel in a single unit. Occupying only a 2" x 6.25" area, the KX 125 not only saves you money, but also valuable panel space.

But don't let the low price fool you. The fully TSO'd KX 125 is designed with state-of -the-art surface mount technology (SMT) for high reliability, light weight, and all the features you've come to expect from Bendix/King's panel mounted line.

Full-Function NAV & COMM

The KX 125 will tune all 200 VOR and LOC frequencies from 108.00 MHz to 115.95 MHz an 760 VHF COMM freequencies from 118.00 MHz to 136.975 MHz and provides NAV, COMM and Tx Sidetone Audio.

Built-in CDI

The KX 125 features a built-in CDI with TO/FROM annunciation, Auto-TO and OBS Select capability. A digital display of RAD or BRG may be selected in lieu of the CDI, making for a completely self-contained navigation system.

Flip-flop Frequency Switching

An LCD Display shows Active and Standby frequencies utilizing flip-flop frequency selection for quick and accurate tuning of NAV and COMM radios. Remote switches may be installed as an additonal means of providing the flip-flop function. The KX 125 will also oprovide direct-tuning of the active frequency.

Audio Leveling

The KX 125 provides a consistent audio level-automatically amplifying weak audio signals and muting those which are too strong. A real ear-saver, especially when using headsets.

Built-in Audio Amplifier

A built-in audio amplifier will provide 8 watts into a 4-ohm speaker. Two 500-ohm auxiliary inputs are also provided. Ideal for installatons not utilizing an audio panel.

Sutck Microphone Indication

A flashing display will alert the pilot to a microphone that becomes stuck for more than 35 seconds. The KX 125 also automatically disables the transmitter to keep from jamming the frequency.

Interface Capabilities

The KX 125 provides VOR/LOC Composite output for use with an external CDI such as the KI 208.

Outputs are also provided for channeling of current Bendix/King DME and G/S receivers making the KX 125 a powerful and cost-effective choice when your looking for a real value and performance in a NAV/COMM.
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