GMA 340

GMA 340

GARMIN's new GMA 340 audio panel meets the needs of aircraft owners and operators who require reliability and versatility in the essential audio switching function.

The GMA 340 features innovative LED-illuminated push button controls that allow audio selection of both NAV and Comm audio. Large buttons activate the Comm microphone and audios for up to three Comm transceivers to simplify cockpit workload. Another feature of the GMA 340 is the Split Comm, which allows the pilot to transmit/receive on Comm 1 and the co-pilot to transmit/receive on Comm 2. MASQ™ processing reduces ambient noise from the avionics inputs. Comm transmit indication is also provided. Speaker selection is available to monitor the aircraft radios or to make PA announcements. There are two unswitched inputs for telephone ringers, altitude alert warnings, or other warning tones. In addition, the GMA 340 includes a six-place VOX intercom with three selectable modes of isolation, dual stereo music inputs, and independent pilot, co-pilot, and passenger volume control. Each microphone input has a dedicated VOX circuit to ensure that only the active microphone is heard when squelch is broken. Special cabin noise de-emphasis circuitry enhances cockpit communications. Also standard is the three-light Marker Beacon Receiver/Indicator with high/low sensitivity selection and SmartMute™ marker audio muting.

Surface mount technology provides shallow depth and light weight, which simplifies installation in the tightest aircraft spaces and saves precious panel space. Operation is available in 14 or 28 volts without voltage converters or dropping resistors. Installation is simplified with the built-in intercom and marker beacon, and the GMA 340 also features photo cell dimming of annunciators, pilot fail-safe mode connection to Comm 1, and FAA TSO approval.







PS Engineering

PMA 7000

PMA 7000The PMA 7000 is a second generation audio selector/intercom system. It features IntelliVoxTM, an automatic VOX system. IntelliVox™ samples the mics and determines what is spech and what is noise. There is no need to adjust the squelch for chaning flight regimes, nor is there a need to recalibrate the VOX setting. A Digital Recorder/Audio Warning (DRAW) system is available as option 1. Besides a 60-second recorder, it also provides six aural alerts stored in non-volatile memory. The messages play when activated by discrete inputs from Electronics International (and others) engine gage systems. 6.25" W x 1.3" H x 6.8" D
PMA 7000S Audio Selector Panel w/6-place Stereo IntelliVox™
PMA 7000MS Same as PMA 7000S, but with Marker Beacon
Please Note: Any PS Engineering audio panel NOT installed by an
authorized dealer will void the manufacturer's warranty.
















KA -134

Controls up to 3 transceivers
Controls up to 5 receivers
                 KA 134
The KA 134 Audio Control Console provides push-button selection and control for three transceivers and five receivers plus monitoring of an unselected transceiver. An audio isolation speaker amplifier provides speaker output and prevents crosstalk between channels. Includes rack and install kit. 6.25" W x 1" H x 5.95" D