Cessna 206 with new panels and radios.

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Left comm 1 & 1  in as well as nav 1 & 2 and interfaced the GNS530 into the pilots HSI , #2 CDI and both audio Cessna panels. Installed annunciators for the HSI, N!/N3/GPS,  and #2 CDI,  N2/N3. 

Another 425 with Storm Scope Nex Rad weather and MX20

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Another 425 with 530, 430, GTX330, GTX327 and GMA340

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Cessna 206.  New radios and Metal panels.

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The panel has a Sandel HSI, 2 GI106A ILS/GPS indicators; Shadin fuel flow system; PM7000MS audio panel/intercom/marker beacon; GS530 comm/ils/gps moving map with color; GNS430 comm/ils/gps/moving map with color; KT76c mode c transponder; remote storm scope WX500;  S-tec Slaved compass system, light wedges, electric c/p attitude and vacuum dg with heading bug on the c/p panel. Also stereo am/fm/cd player with remote and custom metal panels. 

HSI  displays nav1 or 2; GPS 1 or 2; moving map with or with out the storm scope. RMI functions are n1 or n2 or gps 1 or 2 . The marker beacon also appears on the Sandel.

GPS 530 or 430 displays gps/moving map and or the storm scope. All systems are tied to the compass systems via either synchro or airinc langauge.


Cessna 206 low cost metal panels and min radio rework.

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Cessna 206 with plastic panels ad gns430 with S-tec auto pilot

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North American T-2B

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