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It's A GPS.

It's A COMM.

It's The Perfect Fit.

If you wanted to design the perfect NAV/COMM, you'd probably build it around the hottest new navigation technology of the 1990's - Global Positioning System (GPS). You'd make sure it had a powerful database, and then you'd add the capabilities you need, like 'Direct - To' Navigation and flight plan storage. Then, you'd include a 760-channel VHF transceiver with all the latest features, including QuickTune to allow you to enter COMM frequencies directly from the GPS database.

Finally, you'd make it compact, easy to use, attractive and very affordable. You'd have the new Bendix/King KLX 135 GPS/COMM.

Designed to be either the primary navigation/communication radio, or a back-up unit in a full panel, the KLX 135 packs an incredible amount of performance into a small piece of real estate.

As an example, the KLX 135 and a Bendix/King transponder provide everything you need for a basic VFR avionics package. Or it can serve as an advisory navigation source in an IFR panel.

Of particular interest to do-it-yourselfers, the KLX 135 is offered for sale "over the counter" through Intermountain Aerospace. Using a bench-tested wiring harness supplied by Intermountain Aerospace, you install the KLX 135 yourself. (Intermountain Aerospace will also provide any assistance or advice you may need.)

Database options include both North American and International. The KLX 135's newly designed super twist nematic liquid crystal display combines high readability with high reliability.

For the recreational pilot, the easy-to-use KLX 135 makes weekend flying much simpler. For business operators, its advanced technology reduces workload as it adds new capabilities. For both, the competitively-priced KLX 135 represents new standards of avionics value and performance.

But perhaps the true bottom line is this: No matter what type of aircraft you operate, the KLX 135 promises to make every one of your flight hours more enjoyable.

TSO'd, 760 channel VHF Transceiver for high reliability and full spectrum (118.000 - 136.975 MHz) coverage.

QuickTune frequency selection enables the pilot to enter airport COMM frequencies directly from the GPS database.

5-Watt minimum transmitter output (7 Watts nominal) for clearer transmission.

'Flip-Flop' frequency switching for fast, easy exchanges between active and standby COMM frequencies. The KLX 135 also offers provisioning for remote 'flip-flop' controls.

Stuck-microphone feature notifies and stops broadcasting when the transmitter has been continuously activated for more than 35 seconds.

Built-in audio amplifier includes sidetone, audio leveling and three inputs which often eliminate the need for a separate audio panel.

Full-capability GPS offers position accuracy far superior to conventional NAV systems.

Comprehensive Jeppesen database includes airports, VORs and NDBs. There is also capacity for 250 user defined waypoints.

'Direct-to' operation simplifies navigation and reduces cockpit workload.

Continuously updated list of nine nearest airports, VORs and NDBs.

CDI output enables the pilot to couple the KLX 135 directly to an external indicator and the aircraft's autopilot.

Calculator pages for distance, bearing, estimated time and fuel planning.

Storage for ten flight plans of up to 20 waypoints each.

Turn anticipation for smoother course transitions.

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