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Innovative "flip-flop" digital displays bring you push button frequency preselection for both NAV and COMM.

It always pays to plan ahead. And with the Bendix/King KX 155 and KX 165 NAV/COMM'S "stay ahead" frequency pre-planning is push button simple.

Both NAV and COMM frequency displays on these units incorporate the popular "flip-flop" preselect feature. So, you can set up en route or approach frequency changeovers well in advance of your actual transition point or ATC handoff sequence for true "stay ahead" flight management.

Just select your upcoming NAV or COMM frequency in the "standby" (STBY) display, and you're all set to "flip flop" it into "active" status at the press of a button. This function may also be controlled from an optional remote mounted switch.

Both "active" and "standby" frequencies are displayed simultaneously, so you never have to worry about what's being stored. And there's no chance of inadvertently erasing a frequency just when you need it most.

An innovative non-volatile memory circuit holds all the displayed frequencies in storage-through aircraft shutdowns or momentary power interruptions-without the need for battery power of any kind.

Large, self-dimming, microprocessor-controlled gas discharge readouts and solid-state electroinc tuning provide fast, accurate selection of all 200 NAV and 760 COMM frequencies-and both the KX 155 and KX 165 feature a built-in 40 channel glideslope receiver. (As an option, they're also available without the glideslope.)

On the Comm side, both the KX 155 and KX 165 systems give you 10 watts minimum transmitter power for maximum range and clarity.

And on the NAV side, the KX 165's useful "Radial" feature offers you an instant readout of th radial you're on (from the "active" VORTAC station ) digitally displayed in the "standby" NAV frequency window. This Radial readout doesn't interfere wirh either your "active" or "standby" NAV frequencies. (However, the NAV "standby" frequendy does go into non-displayed storage, and the "active" frequency then becomes linked for direct tuning through the frequency selector knobs.) Thus, with both "active" and "standby" frequencies continuously available, it's easy to perfom a quick crossfix check by simply pressing the "flip-flop" button and noting the displayed radial from each of the two selected VORTACs.

The lower-cost KX-155 system is virtually identical in appearance to the KX-165; however, it doesn't include the digital Radial readout feature. Also, the KX-155 requires an external VOR/LOC converter (usually included in the appropriate Bendix/King NAV indicator) while the KX-165 comes with a built in VOR/LOC converter designed to interface directly with any ARINC standard CDI or HSI display.

Each of these NAV/COMM units weighs less than 6 lbs. and stands only 2 inches high in your Silver Crown stack-making them the smallest-efficient packages you can buy anywhere. Both are available in either 14 or 28 volt DC configurations for easy installation in any aircraft.

NOTE:Avionics installations require special skills, tools and test equipment. The Bendix/King full year warranty is valid only for equipment installed by an Autorized Bendix/King Sales and Service Center.

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