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A low cost COMM has a different appeal to different pilots. Equipping the panel in a new aircraft, replacing the radio in an older aircraft and adding a back-up COMM to an IFR package are all valid reasons for purchasing a new COMM, but not necessary good reasons to spend a lot of money on the radio.

Fortunately, Bendix/King offers the KY96A and KY97A COMM Transceivers. Very affordable TSO'd radios with the reliability and features you'd expect from Silver Crown avionics.


The KY96A and KY97A are identical in all respects but one: the KY96A operates at 28 volts while the KY97A operates at 14 volts.

760 COMM Frequencies

With the anticipation of additional frequency allocations, Bendix/King has designed the KY96A and KY97A to operate on 760 frequencies from 118.00 MHz to 136.975 MHz. The KY96A and KY97A won't become obsolete overnight.

"Flip-Flop" Frequency Switching

With the ease and speed of a push button you can switch between active and standby frequencies. Simply tune the desired frequency into the standby window ("STBY") while monitoring the "USE" channel-when the time is right, simply push the frequency transfer button to transfer the standby frequency into the active window. A remote switch may be installed as an additional means of providing the "flip-flop" function.

Nine Memory Channels

Up to nine channels can be easily programmed by the pilot into the memory of the KY96A and KY97A. This is in addition to the two displayed frequencies for a total storage capacity of eleven frequencies.

Non-Volatile Frequency Storage

The KY96A and KY97A remember displayed frequencies and stored frequencies without batteries or external battery hookup during power shutdown or in the event of a power interruption.

LCD Display

The KY96A and KY97A utilize an easy-to-read, illuminated LCD display. The display, as well as the lighted push buttons, are connected to the aircraft panel lighting bus and brighten or dim to provide maximum clarity in either darkened or daylight conditions.

Audio Leveling

The KY96A and KY97A offer operators a consistent audio level-automatically amplifying weak audio signals and muting those which are too strong.

Built-in Amplifier

The KY96A and KY97A are equipped with an audio amplifier to drive a speaker for installations not utilizing an audio panel.

Stuck Microphone Indication

A flashing display will alert the pilot to a microphone that becomes stuck for two minutes. To keep from jamming the frequency, the KY96A and KY97A will also automatically disable their transmitters.

Direct Tuning Capabilities

Frequencies can be changed directly into the "USE" window, bypassing the darkened "STBY" window.

As with all Bendix/King products, the KY96A and KY97A come with a product support program that's second to none. You not only get the latest in technology, but worldwide support after the sale as well.

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